Who We Are

We are an official caucus of the Kansas Democratic Party working to bring progressive solutions to Kansans. You can be one of us!

If you are interested in working on progressive issues in Kansas, send us email at co-chairs@ksprogressives.org, or send email directly to someone on one of the Committees of the Caucus.

We are part of a progressive movement that is sweeping the nation. Our national affiliation is with the Progressive Democrats of America. There are some 20 other states also allied with the PDA.

Webster defines progressive as " one believing in moderate political change and especially social improvement by governmental action, or not bound by traditional ways or beliefs."  It is to this end we dedicate our mission; that is to advocate for progressive solutions to the challenges confronting Kansas, America and the world.

We are governed by a Caucus Board. To contact the Kansas Progressive please email us at kansasprogressives@gmail.com

Caucus Board:

Serena Hein - female co-chair
Vacant - male co-chair

Theresa Hohl

Larry Daniels

Membership Committee Chair:
Anne Pritchett

Rules Committee Chair:
Claude Lee

Communications Committee Chair:
Thomas Koch

Finance Committee Chair:
Andrew Blobaum

1st District Representative:
James Baker

2nd District Representative:
Michael Caddell

3rd District Representative:
Mesbah Islam

4th District Representative:
Tom Witt

If you are interested in serving on one of the committees, please email the chair of that committee.