Washington Days 2009 Meeting Minutes

Progressive Caucus of the Kansas Democratic Party
Washington Days Annual Meeting
February 28, 2009

48 in attendance (my count)
Jim Welcomes

Acceptance of Minutes :
Anne moves
Retta seconds

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer resigned Ozzie Backus is acting.
$163.00 in bank
Dues are 10.00 minimum

Committee reports

Rules Committee chair resigned in June. Kelly Gerling stepped up to cover.
Rules committee maintains the bylaws. Meets via email or telephone.

Anne Pritchett: There are 20 new members since last year. Membership forms are back on the table spread the word. Everybody is up for renewal again.

Website is up and functional. We are looking for active posters. We have a new server. Your membership dues give you automatic access to the website.

Elections of board members

Woman Co-chair: Nomination Serena Hein
Moved and seconded to elect by Acclimation

Secretary : Nomination Lauretta Hendricks Backus
All moved seconded and elected by acclimation

Rules Committee: Kelly Gerling
All moved seconded and elected by acclimation

Communications Committee: Ozzie Backus
moved seconded and elected by acclimation

District Chairs – 1 year terms

1st District Kathie Moore
2nd District Michael Caddell
3rd District Sheryl Bussell
4th District – Frank Smith

Treasurer: Moved and seconded to appoint Hank Chamberlain
……(later showed up and seemed happy about it)

Finance chair none nominated or appointed… still looking.
Also known as fundraising chair - FUN nominations? Will look on line…

Be sure to fill out membership forms$


Chris Steineger
State senator Wichita (thinking about running for governor against Brownback) chrissteineger.com

Marci Francisco
2nd term senator district 2 positive news on minimum wage. Other important issues. Moving forward on net metering. Representing progressives and all the rest of her constituencies.

Gene Rardin
2nd term State representative 19th district, Overland Park
Important to contact your legislators.

Craig Gunther (of young Dem) introducing Tom Wiggins From Fredonia lives in Olathe.

Tom Thompson (3rd district chair emeritus.) Sierra Club lobbyist. House Bill 2014 strips authority from Bremby allowing Coal Plants built. Contact your Rep no matter R or D. It is still a battle please stay vocal. Bill was passed but still can be vetoed.

Discussion of 105 County Strategy
Build a healthy, active, and vibrant Democratic Party structure in all 105 counties in the state of Kansas. Was established as a state committee. Targeting the counties (50) that don’t have an organized Democratic party. Not necessarily progressives. Hoping to change the image of being a Democrat make it an option in more conservative areas. We would like the KPC to be engaged. Join Team 105!

*1st district has a structure already built. Team 105 needs to support and enhance the already existing efforts at building these areas up.

We need to be careful about applying the 50 state strategy to KS we need to prioritize population centers.

We need to counter point right wing vocal arguments. We often loose by default.

4th and 1st congressional districts area expected to lose incumbents Tiahrt and Moran, who are expected to run for the U.S. Senate. We hope to get a structure in place to assists

Moran County has great grass roots organizers in their Young Dems. Focus on Community Colleges is a good lead.

Discussion of members on-line access
Should we establish a discussion group for only paid members?
Expect invitation soon.
Should we allow user update access to the website for only paid members?
By Avoiding unpaid access we avoid trolls

Adjourned 9:46 A.M