Washington Days 2010 Meeting Minutes

Progressive/ Young Democrats
Caucus of the Kansas Democratic Party
Washington Days Annual Meeting

February 27, 2010
70 In attendance (my count)
Jim Welcomes
Thanks Young Dems!!
Acceptance of Minutes :


Elections of board members Moved by a variety of people and seconded by Anne Pritchett – two year terms

Co-chair Male: Jim Herrmann
Treasurer: Larry Daniels
Membership committee chair: Anne Pritchett
Finance committee Chair: Ben Lindner

District Chairs – 1 year terms

1st District Kathie Moore
2nd District Michael Caddell
3rd District Skye Colman
4th District Frank Smith

Young Democrats:

Colin Curtiss Intro
Proposed Kansas first Resolution Skye Colman, (w/ Anne Pritchett):

WHEREAS, the Kansas Democratic Party is organized to promote the platform and mission of the Democratic Party by promoting candidates for elective office and advancing the Kansas values of fairness, a strong public education, progressive taxation and the protection of our most vulnerable citizens.

WHEREAS, the Kansas Democratic Party understands that a well functioning coordinated campaign helps elect Democrats across the state.

WHEREAS, the Kansas Democratic Party is immensely proud of Kansas and its people and recognizes that Kansans are the key to all KDP success.  Without the support of loyal Kansans, through their financial support, volunteerism and input, the Kansas Democratic Party would cease to exist.
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that we, the members of the State Committee of the Kansas Democratic Party call on the leadership to focus on building a strong and vibrant party by recruiting, training and mentoring candidates for all elective offices across the state, volunteers and party leaders, who in their beliefs, best represent and embrace Kansas and the Democratic Party platform.
BE IT RESOLVED, the Kansas Democratic Party shall build a stronger state party by developing and strengthening local county parties, district committees and candidates for elective office by recruiting and training Democrats from across the state for leadership positions. 
BE IT RESOLVED, that we, the members of the State Committee of the Kansas Democratic Party desire to engage more fully with all Democrats including the development of a mentoring program and information sharing tools to help interact with, and train future leaders of the Kansas Democratic Party. Activism in party caucuses should be favorably considered when hiring employees, interns and recruiting candidates.
BE IT RESOLVED, the Kansas Coordinated Campaign must include voices from across the state to function properly.  To that end, the Coordinated Campaign shall include, on its governing body, a voting representative from each Congressional district, selected by their Congressional District committees, and one representative selected by the Kansas County Chairs Caucus.
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Kansas Democratic Party exists first and foremost for the betterment of the people and state of Kansas, and to that end we believe in empowering Kansans by supporting legitimate candidates for elective office and through the use, when possible of Kansas companies and firms and the hiring of Kansans for positions within the state organization.
BE IT RESOLVED, this resolution shall take effect immediately upon is adoption by a duly convened meeting of the State Committee of the Kansas Democratic Party.

Discussion followed:

Not enough democrats to run.
Too many Handpicked party insiders.
Keep Dem funds within KS.
Audrey: debated limitations of limiting hiring to Kansans.
Tyler L. asked Audry to step out in the hall
Audry kept on debating.
Resolution doesn’t accurately reflect what we need.
Do we need to spell everything out?
We just need to use Kansas vendors.
We need to make sure there is no unopposed Republican.
We need the counties to be empowered to make sure we have candidates.
MF: Some people think I’m too liberal to run.
Party needs to support candidates who are running.
The State party is going to always have preferences.
Favoritism is inevitable.
Should we open up opportunities at Washington days for candidates to speak.
This resolution does not address that.
Also concerned about the wording “recruiting and training” - suggests it should
be “encouraging and training”
SC: the state discourages local candidates from running against State suggested candidates.
CS: this resolution encourages discussion.
Our party is struggling to find candidates, we are in a transition period.
SC: we are trying to make the party stronger and better.
KM: there is this centrist attitude if you are west of a certain point you don’t count.
We need to encourage people to run and then support will be there from the state party.
SC: fundamental support

FS: moves to accept resolution as except to amend and change the word from “recruiting” to “encouraging”. Seconded

Progressives Vote yes:

Young Dems
Colin wants to wait.

BL (Young Dems) moves to vote for resolution. Seconded. Passed

Other business
AP: looking for teacher support
JH: DFA training is coming to JoCCC 60 bucks. Continue discussion on Ggroup great for volunteers and candidates.
AP: April 17th, Jim and I have worked hard to get them back to KS we need 100 people, discounted student rate
Candidate Speakers:

Brandon Whipple district #
Chris Steineger, for Secretary of State
FS: my main concern is precinct consolidation. If you are endorsing Thornburgs policies I have a problem with that.
CS: We went for consolidation for accessibility problems. Voting could be moved to the local grocery store with computers with advanced voting.
David Haley, State Senate
represents Wyandotte County in.
Voted against death penalty.
Elliott Lane Ks House of Rep 16th district
Alan Jilka 1st district Congress
Pop of district has declined. Aging pop increased immigrant Jobs education healthcare. More hospitals in district then anywhere else SW Ks
Tom Holland candidate for Kansas Governor
Charles Schollenburger Candidate for Senate
Liberal progressive and proud of it.
Steve Six, attorney general
Jane Burns State representative in West Wichita